Saturday, September 11, 2010

From Narita airport to Kosagoe Station (with JR Pass)

How to travel From Narita airport to the train station "Kosagoe" (the closest station from Ryokan Funamisou).

There are server routes that can be used.

For those who hold the JR Pass (train times are for reference):

1.) Narita Airport Station to Tokyo Station
Train: JR Narita Express No. 8 (Rapid train);
Departure time: 8:50.
Terminal at the time: 9:52.
Travel time: 1 hour 2 minutes.
Cost: (free as covered by JR Pass).

2.) Tokyo Station to Utsunomiya Station
Train: JR Max Yamabiko No. 111 (Shinkansen, bullet train)
Departure time: 10:08.
At the terminal time: 10:58.
Travel time: 50 minutes.
Cost: (free as covered by JR Pass).

3.) Utsunomiya Station to Imaichi Station
Train: JR Nikko Line (Towards Nikko, local train)
Departure time: 11:39.
At the terminal time: 12:13.
Travel time: 34 minutes.
Cost: (free as covered by JR Pass).

4.) Imaichi Station(JR Nikko Line) to ShimoImaichi Station (Tobu-Kinugawa Line).
Walking 10-15 minutes. Please refer to the map below.

5.) ShimoImaichi Station to Kosagoe Station.
Train: Tobu-Kinugawa Line
Departure time: 12:33.
At the terminal time: 12:50.
Travel time: 17 minutes.
Cost: 190 yen (not included in the JR Pass).

For walking directions from Kosagoe Station to Ryokan Funamisou, please refer to:

Train schedule and train names are for reference only. They may differ but train route should be the same.

*Note: If you have heavy luggage and do not prefer to walk from Imaichi Station to ShimoImaichi Station (approximately 800 meters), consider the following instructions:
At step 3, do not get down at the station Imachi but continue to the last stop Nikko Station (JR line). From there it is a 200 meters walk to the Tobu-Nikko station (Tobu Line). See map below:

From Tobu Nikko Station, follow the sample train routes below (train schedules are for reference only):

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